Rian Castillo began his infatuation for drumming and singing at a very early age with drumming and singing. This love for music blossomed into entertaining an audience , as well as learning piano, and guitar. As he honed his craft, Rian absorbed many inspirations and influences, from George Strait, Elvis Presley, and Luis Miguel to name a few among many others. Throughout the years Rian has performed at various venues, parties, festivals, and other events with many different groups.  


2018 saw the release of "The Ocean In My World", Where Rian not only showcased his raw talent of singing, songwriting, and his musicianship, but the development his craft as an artist. The following Year Continued amongst auditions in Nashville and Texas, as well as garnering new fans amongst many performances. AS 2020 saw turbulent times in the world, Rian still continued to perform and create music, and bring enjoyment amidst the pandemic. 2021 saw a return to the stage, performing over close to 200 dates in the year, along the way opening for acts such as dale watson, two tons of steel, and shandon sahm. 

Wherever the Music goes, Rian Castillo is continuing to prove that he is a captivating talent that is able to fascinate and deliver his music straight from the heart, direct to his audience.